The Original >>FOLD-A-BEANS<<

$75.00 - On sale

Image of The Original >>FOLD-A-BEANS<< Image of The Original >>FOLD-A-BEANS<<

And.... an adorable drawstring tote bag to store them in

>>> Why the Fold-A-Beans?

The Amazingly talented Brooke Drumm, decided the folding blankets must go! They fall over, they are flimsy, and the extra time folding and refolding needed to be cut out!

>>> To replace the sloppy chaos mess of folding and stacking receiving blankets, that often don't stay put due to being to flimsy and floppy. If you need something just a tad higher? Fold it that way and these will stay put!

You choose how you fold it, mold it..stack it.. pose it!

>>> Get all of your bean bag posing done without the extra time of folding and unfolding!

Weighted perfectly, filled with precision...

>>> And! When you order, you will gain access to the MODEST LITTLE POSING GROUP where videos, images and tips will be available to you 24/7

PLEASE ALLOW 12-18 Days for Preorders!