Soak-Able •FREEFORM• Replacement Bean Set

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Worry free is the way to be!
SO! Order your set of the newest 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
•••Soak-able • FREEFORM • replacement beans•••
Because pee, poo, and spit-happens!
Don’t let it ruin your investment! Now, simply just toss the beans into warm water with or without soap, and rinse out the mess!
(Air dry only)
It’s been 6 years now that the Original FREEFORM has been loved and used worldwide! So I have decided to offer an even longer lasting solution for your beans, which is a virgin polyethylene, non toxic, water proof pellet, so you’ll never have to worry again if you forget that pee pad cover in your prop! It’s only a few ounces less in weight, per bean, so you still get the same results!

If you are an international customer and have ordered within the last 12 months your freeform beans are most likely filled with my Polly pellet filling due to Customs Regulations, but you can do a simple sniff test! If you smell nothing, it’s Polly pellets :) otherwise you can smell the rice fill.

USA customers, your dearest FREEFORM beans are rice filled but not to worry they still will
work perfectly, just keep them protected! OR Snag a replacement set on sale for my promo offer and have both options!

PLEASE NOTE- due to an expected large preorder to come in, turn around time for sewing and shipping out may be 3-4 weeks, but we will be sewing our lives away to get them out sooner! 🤗🤗🤗